Paolo Bartalini



Professor of Particle Physics

at Central China Normal University (CCNU)

Luoyu Road, 152, Wuhan, Hubei, 430079 PRC

Phone +86 159-2642-2974, Office 9-717


Research Associate at the European Organization for Nuclear Research
PH dep. CERN Meyrin Geneve 23, Switzerland

Phone +41 227674457, Office 23-1-023


PhD: University of Perugia and University of Roma – La Sapienza (1997).

e-mail Paolo.Bartalini AT



       ALICE Experiment (from September 2014)

       CMS Experiment (until September 2014)

       L3 Experiment 


Primary Research Interests in Experimental High-energy Particle and Nuclear Physics

       Quantum Chromo Dynamics

       Multiple Parton Interactions

       Quark Gluon Plasma

       Large Hadron Collider

       Tracking Detectors


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Last update October 20 2017